The Leader

The leader, Michael Montoya is in control of the country, and this paragraph is written by him. So hi! I was born in December 6, 2009, in Birmingham, Alabama. I moved down here when I was 11, about a year ago. I was raised to hunt and I’ve been playing the banjo for 6 years. I’ve been interested in politics and history. I’ve always wanted to create my own micronation, and I have made several attempts.

At 8, I made my own micronation in my room, The Republic of Naptica, and I drew my own flag on a piece of lined paper and tied it onto one of those poles that hold a shower curtain.

But now I think this is the best nation I've ever established since it’s on a huge piece of land, and it has an actual flag. A good one. I hope this will last long.

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