About Us.

We are a tiny micronation in the fields of Jose Marti Mast 6-12 Academy. We formed on April 21st 2022. We separated from the school due to its liberal/progressive movements and strict dress code enforcement. We are proud supporters of the American/Confederate Flag and we do not tolerate any discrimination against it as it is represented by the American and Southern People.

Our Flag

Our flag has been adopted on April 2nd, 2022. The gray and tan represent sandy shores and stormy skies, and the text on top is our motto. The motto means “An eye for an eye, a tooth for a tooth.” in Latin.

Our flag is unique for its color scheme, as most countries don’t have gray or tan. We also have a text, which is also rare for a flag.

I hope to print my flag in cloth. If you want to send me my own flag in cloth, you can print it on https://tennessine.co.uk/flags/ and you can contact me on the e-mail on the home page, and I will give you my info.

“Peace is achievable, but just like rewards, it never comes by itself.”

Michael Montoya

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